New: Challenge mode! Battle through unique challenges for rewards.

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Starlost: The Game

A Bitter Secret in a Ravaged World

Stranded in space, use cunning and skill against the Collective - a lethal robotic horde - to ensure the survival of your ship! Make your way back to Earth... if you can.

In this top-down shooter, mine asteroids to acquire resources - then use those resources to research and build weaponry, upgrades and unique skills. Perfect your loadout as you battle and destroy thousands of enemies. Build drones to assist you in combat and mining, and eventually face off against a god...

A space adventure like no other. Download for free from the App Store or Google Play!

"One of the Best Game on mobile for me. I don't know how you do it but keep it up. The game name also suits the game.Thanks for this awesome game :)"

The SDS Team

"The visuals are of high quality and it leaves me with anticipation for other levels. The communication within the game makes me feel like I'm in the game."

K. Motsepe
Starlost The Game


Choose from a huge array of turrets and drones

Starlost: Pulse Laser

Pulse Laser

A rapid-fire pulse laser which shoots concentrated bolts of energy with high accuracy.

Starlost: Gunslinger Drone


The Gunslinger provides cover fire, delivering precise firepower where it’s needed.

Starlost: Quantum Torpedo

Quantum Torpedo

A torpedo which first pulls in nearby enemies before exploding in a giant fireball.

Starlost: Railgun


Uses a great deal of power to propel tiny chunks of mining slag to near the speed of light.

Starlost: Sheepdog Drone


The Sheepdog circles its foes, firing an omni directional auto cannon into the swarm.

Starlost: Fusion Sabot

Fusion Sabot

The Fusion Sabot punches through enemy armor to deliver a focused fusion explosion to the interior of its target.


Upgrade your ship, discover new destructive technology and invest in over 20 unique abilities

Starlost: Forward Beam

Forward Beam

Fires a huge beam of energy through the spine of the ship and out of a forward facing diamond lens.

Starlost: Advanced Weaponry

Advanced Weaponry

Ongoing research enables a specialized set of advanced turrets, each pushing the physical limitations of the ship.

Starlost: Deployable Rocket Launcher

Deployable Rocket

The Deployable Rocket Launcher can operate autonomously for a short period of time.

Starlost: Synthesizer


Deploys nanobots throughout the ship, creating a constant passive repair system.

Starlost: Shield Recharge

Shield Recharge

Removing charge bottlenecks lowers the temperature of the shield recharge system, allowing it to recharge faster.

Starlost: Thors Hammer

Thor's Hammer

Jerry rig an offensive ramming weapon onto the ship, dealing significant ramming damage.

Starlost: Overclock


Overclock allows certain limitations to be temporarily bypassed, giving all ship turrets a faster rate of fire.

Starlost: Radar


Using more sensitive equipment, the Upgraded Sensor Pack allows the on-screen radar to see much further than before.

Starlost: Teleport


A huge graphene capacitor can store enough charge to perform a quantum shift of all matter within a small radius.

Starlost: Energy Damage

Energy Damage

Increasing containment field specs allows more powerful projectiles and beams fired from the ship and drones.

Starlost: Drone Speed

Drone Speed

By simply adding a larger turbojet to each drone, speeds can be increased significantly.

Starlost: Turret Fire Speed

Turret Fire Speed

Adding a daughterboard to each turret allows the ship computer to optimize each fire speed.


Be awarded customization options for completing objectives with over 40 to choose from

Starlost: Rainbow Flare

Rainbow Flare

Ship Antenna

Starlost: Camo Skin


Ship Skin

Starlost: Flamer Trail


Ship Trail

Starlost: Flowers Trail


Ship Trail

Starlost: Carbon Fibre Skin

Carbon Fibre

Ship Skin

Starlost: Banana Antenna


Ship Antenna


Travel through 17 different areas, each with its own danger and reward

Starlost: Battle of Brighton's Belt

Battle of Brighton's Belt

Remnants of an ancient battle are scattered across this sector, along with multiple resource-rich asteroids.

Starlost: Heart of the Rift

Heart of the Rift

Deep in the heart of enemy space, an array of rocket pods are in orbit of a barren, desolate world.

Starlost: Emerald Asteroid Cluster

Emerald Asteroid Cluster

A large cluster of asteroids are masking a considerable portion of scrap materials that can be collected.

Starlost: Crystal Clusters of Delta Pisces

Crystal Clusters of Delta Pisces

The crystal fields of Delta Pisces refer to floating asteroids with glowing red crystals embedded inside them.

Starlost: Industrial Shipyard North

Industrial Shipyard North

The northern sector of an active naval shipyard, a pulsing heart of industry.

Starlost: Holding Orbit

Holding Orbit

Fields of asteroids ripe for the picking, this sector should provide a much needed boost to our resources.

Challenge Mode

Complete set challenges using a specific loadout for rewards

Starlost: Mashed Potato

Mashed Potato

A giant asteroid with guns strapped to it is a major safety hazard.

Starlost: Starlost Rally

Starlost Rally

Wind the boost up and prepare to participate in the ultimate death race.

Starlost: Sabot-age


Penetrate deep inside an enemy base, destroying everything you can see. Race the clock while dispending justice with your giant cannons.

Starlost: Lightning McAxel

Lightning McAxel

An electrifying challenge, take to the skies with a full complement of DLA equipment. Zap your way to victory!

Starlost: The Motherload

The Motherload

Learn how to properly tap on asteroids in this nail biting, high-octane challenge.

Starlost: Thorly Not

Thorly Not

Using only Thors Hammer, ram into enough things to deal enough damage to satisfy the God of Sparkles.